Two Fabulous, Extended Glenmeadow Getaways

Two Fabulous, Extended Glenmeadow Getaways

October 15, 2015

Next year, we are headed out on two wonderful adventures, and I am excited to invite you to explore with us!

In early April, we will offer a 10-day trek through Peru’s Ancient Civilizations, and in mid-July, we will lead a group to the National Parks & Lodges of the Old West. For each trip, we will partner with the Springfield Museums, with the Peru trip offered through Andean Discovery and the National Parks journey through Orbridge. These expedition organizations are both trusted and experienced, and we are confident they will offer the same high level of attention and customer service you would associate with Glenmeadow.

We are proud at Glenmeadow to be able to offer you these unforgettable experiences as it is part of our mission to serve the community through various programs, including those that offer education and enrichment. Not only do these travel programs promise to be inspiring and great fun, we also offer you a unique way to travel—one you can’t find anywhere else.

With us, you will journey with fellow travel enthusiasts to our wonderful destinations, supported by knowledgeable guides and five-star accommodations. You will have no responsibilities, no tasks. We do the work for you.

There truly is no better way to travel.

10-day Journey to Machu Picchu and Beyond 

The 10-day journey to Machu Picchu and Beyond will run from April 8—17, 2016, and it is our first major offering as part of Glenmeadow Getaways, through which we also offer day trips to locations closer to home.

Along with Springfield Museums, we have developed what we believe will be a moving experience in Peru, a world that seamlessly weaves ancient traditions, mystic cultures, and breathtaking landscapes into one enchanting tapestry.

From the cosmopolitan capital city of Lima to the mysterious mountain citadel of Machu Picchu, our exclusive Peru tour offers unparalleled access to one of the world’s most intriguing cultures.

Our travelers will learn about the ancient Inca and their devotion to Mother Earth and participate in a ceremonial Pachamanca meal with their descendants, the Quechua. Discover the rich history of Peru’s Sacred Valley, then take a train deep into the cloud forest to visit the crown jewel of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu. Enjoy scanning hand-dyed wools in an open-air indigenous market, explore remote villages, and feast on local delicacies.

Accommodations for this trip have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality and location.

The cost is $4,790 per adult. For more information or to request a brochure, call 800-633-6313.

National Parks & Lodges of the Old West

This trip will be offered from July 13—22, 2016, and it celebrates the American West’s magnificent National Parks, tracing legends and storied monuments along the way.

From Old Faithful to Mount Rushmore and from Spearfish Canyon to the Snake River, we will see the best of the Old West and traverse its beautiful vistas in style and comfort. Wonderfully atmospheric hotels and lodges are a highlight of this program, including landmark lodging—national treasures themselves—within the parks.

You will see beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, hike, hear stories, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Other highlights include a chuck wagon cookout after a visit to Custer State Park—a wildlife reserve; visits to otherworldly geothermal sites, including Fountain Paint Pot and Old Faithful Geyser; and views of the grandeur of Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and the world’s largest mammoth site, where scientists are excavating remains of Columbian and woolly mammoths from 26,000 years ago.

The cost for the trip is $3,995 per adult, for double occupancy; $4,995 for single occupancy. To opt in for the three-day extension to Jackson Hole, add $745 for double occupancy and $995 for single occupancy. For more information or to request a brochure, call 800-633-6313 or visit

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