A Nurturing Mission

A Nurturing Mission

December 2, 2015

Our mission to provide premier senior services that nurture the mind, body, and spirit appears in large print at the top of the agenda for each meeting of the Glenmeadow Board of Directors. It’s a reminder that our mission and vision statements are real, that they guide us in each and every decision we make together.

This is the message I wove into my presentation to our residents, staff, and stakeholders at this year’s Annual Meeting in mid-November. I noted that it is our commitment to offering professional, high-quality services to everyone who may need them—regardless of social or economic background—that sets us apart.

For those of you who were not able to be at the Annual Meeting with us as we celebrated, I’ll let this blog offer you a view of my talk that night on the quality, professionalism, and dedication that make up the Glenmeadow Difference.

As you look around Glenmeadow, inside our vibrant Café, active Wellness Center, and Family Living Room, you will see firsthand how the physical improvements we’ve made have continued to change our community for the better. The changes allow for increased socialization among residents as well as opportunities to be entertained and to stay healthy and active.

In addition, we’re now able to provide our quality services to an expanded number of people who live in the surrounding community through programs like Glenmeadow at Home, our Lifestyle Pass, Glenmeadow Learning, and Glenmeadow Getaways. We aim to help and improve the lives of as many of our neighbors as is possible.

In fact, our programs are developing so impressively that we now serve more people outside of our community than within it. Through Glenmeadow at Home, we offer companionship, home health care and support from home maintenance to transportation to meal delivery. We have roughly 100 active Lifestyle Pass members, and through our Glenmeadow Learning series and Glenmeadow Getaways, we are meeting the needs of yet another population of elders with educational programming and trips from the Berkshires to Peru.

Our success—recognized this year through our Republican Reader Raves award for Best Retirement Community—is directly tied to the people we employ and a pledge Glenmeadow created over 20 years ago.

All of our employees are dedicated to the best service possible, and each have signed a pledge that says they will be kind to everyone they come in contact with at work—from residents to those who are here to make a delivery or perform a service. They also pledge to respond—or ensure that someone else will respond—to every resident’s requests on every shift, and to be respectful of all co-workers.

When we punch in here, we smile and are kind towards the people we serve. We all have rough days, but when you are on the clock here at Glenmeadow, kindness is part of the job. Working at Glenmeadow is about creating a positive environment for the four to eight hours that you are with us each day.

The people we serve need our positive energy and good spirits. They are faced with the challenges that come with aging, and they don’t need sulky, whining staff to complicate their troubles.

All the compassion and thoughtfulness we nurture at Glenmeadow translates into powerful, wonderful relationships and a place that feels like home for residents and staff alike. The story of Michael Schoen, LSW, well illustrates this giving spirit that can be found in our supportive environment.

Mike is now a full-time geriatric social worker at JGS Life Care, and he credits the Glenmeadow Staff Education Fund for helping him afford his bachelor’s degree from Westfield State University. Mike worked here full time in the maintenance department while attending school. He offered a caring presence and helped to make Glenmeadow the welcoming place it is, and we supported his commitment to his family and education in return.

That’s the Glenmeadow Difference.

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