Experience Glenmeadow Firsthand at Open House

Experience Glenmeadow Firsthand at Open House

May 10, 2016

Mildred and Gabe Kitchener lived on Williams Street in Longmeadow for over 50 years, and they loved the beautiful, four-bedroom home they raised their two children in. They were paying attention, though, when their next door neighbors, Naomi and the late Mickey Schoenberg, moved to Glenmeadow.

“They invited us to have dinner there with them in the dining room, and we loved their apartment,” says Mildred, who’s best known as “Cissie.”

So when the Kitcheners decided their home was too much to take care of on their own, they packed up and moved to Glenmeadow too, settling in in September 2015.

“Now we can enjoy ourselves,” Cissie says. “We love it here. They take care of your every need. They call you by your first name, and they make you feel special.”

The Kitcheners are among 156 residents at Glenmeadow, an accredited not-for-profit retirement community known for its holistic mission and innovative programs and outreach to the wider community. In hopes of demystifying the lifestyle choice, the community will open the doors to some of its apartments on Sunday, May 22 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Area residents who are considering alternative living situations, for themselves or for someone they care about, are welcome to stop by, look at floors plans and visit with residents like the Kitcheners and staff members as well.

Linda Edwards, marketing director, said independent and assisted living options of up to 1,500 square feet are available at Glenmeadow. “Extra support is available to those who need it, and we have a variety of services and programs as well,” Linda says.

Information will also be available on Glenmeadow’s programs that serve the wider community, such as Glenmeadow Getaways, the travel program, and the Lifestyle Pass, through which community members can access programs and amenities at the retirement community but still live at home.

Home and property services, such as housekeeping and handyman services, are also available to those 62 and over living throughout the area through Glenmeadow at Home.

“Glenmeadow offers everything you need for a fulfilling life,” Linda says.

Registration for the open house is preferred by contacting Torrie Dearborn at tdearborn@glenmeadow.org or 413-567-5547.

Gabe is a retired podiatrist; Cissie is a retired dental hygienist. They love their two-bedroom apartment at Glenmeadow and, longtime athletes who play golf and walk, they make good use of the community’s wellness center, taking yoga and fitness classes together several times a week.

Cissie takes a creative writing class at Glenmeadow. Gabe takes out dozens of detective novels from the library, and together they eat lunch in the café, dinner in the dining room, and they take frequent van trips to the museum and other events.

“They make everyone feel like they’re important, and that’s a good feeling,” Cissie says.

Says Gabe, “I call it my home away from home.”

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