Busy, Inquisitive, Secure. That’s Glenmeadow.

Busy, Inquisitive, Secure. That’s Glenmeadow.

March 3, 2017

There’s a story behind our hummingbird logo that we’d like to tell you. While we’re at it, we’ll also offer up a little Glenmeadow history.

What you know today as Glenmeadow came into being in 1884, when a group of civic leaders developed The Springfield Home for Aged Women. This safe and dignified residence opened in November 1886 and accommodated 16 women from the community without family or means.

Over the years, we have moved twice, the second time to our current 23-acre home here in Longmeadow, and we’ve expanded exponentially. Our life plan community now offers independent and assisted living for men and women who are 62 and older as well as home care and other services to residents living in greater Springfield.

Our name changed to Glenmeadow in 1997, and back then, the logo that represented us was a square black medallion overlaid with a green leaf and vine motif.

While the logo had a classic look, by 2007, it had begun to feel too formal for us. It seemed to say “sedentary,” and we are anything but. Our residents are active, inspired, and they have joie de vivre that was not reflected in our branding.

Plus, our new home in Longmeadow afforded us room to grow, and grow we did into our mission, with new programs and services such as Glenmeadow at Home and the Lifestyle Pass, which allow us to reach beyond our campus to seniors across the region.

Our look needed to grow with us.

We turned to Bidwell ID of Florence, well-known as experts in what’s called “branding” in the marketing world. Their job was to help us communicate who we are.

The creative team at Bidwell started with our name, “Glenmeadow,” and broke it down into concepts such as “meadow,” “grasses” and “birds.”

Several ideas were developed from this thinking. We sought feedback from our many constituencies and decided on our distinctive, memorable, friendly icon—the hummingbird.

Think about it. What comes to mind when you imagine birds?

Birds make nests. Nests are a place of comfort, care, and security.

These are things Glenmeadow is known for.

“Hummingbirds are also one of the busiest in the bird family, always in motion, never content to sit still and inquisitive in nature. That would describe quite a few residents at Glenmeadow,” says Maureen Scanlon, vice president of Bidwell at the time of our rebranding. Maureen, now as principal of Murre Creative, continues to support Glenmeadow’s branding and design needs.

We agree with Maureen that we are a lively, intelligent community. We are busy and bustling. We have come a long way in the last few decades.

We are an accredited organization—first in July 2000 and continuing each year. Glenmeadow at Home now serves roughly 100 seniors across greater Springfield each month. We have roughly 150 community members who hold a Lifestyle Pass. And we offer on-campus access to health care and support, including care coordination, medication management, personal care, wellness programs and response to emergency situations.

We are living deeply into our vision to provide services to a socially and economically diverse elder population. And we remain philanthropic. Glenmeadow Learning is one of the many free programs Glenmeadow offers to members of the wider community.

We invite you to learn more about us, and experience the hummingbird within us.

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