A Life Plan Community Offers Simplicity, Economy, Engagement

A Life Plan Community Offers Simplicity, Economy, Engagement

March 28, 2017

You’ve raised your family and retired. Now, you have all the time in the world to relax and enjoy your life—except your two-story house needs painting, and the yard is beginning to get a bit unruly.

Perhaps it’s time to consider transitioning to a life plan community, or what was once known as a continuing care retirement community. Life plan communities are built around the needs of seniors; they take all of your wants and desires into account—from your health and wellness to your mind and spirit.

Once you move to such a campus, you can really retire.

Today’s life plan communities are diverse and energized. While the move may feel frightening at first, there are many good reasons to consider the idea. Here, we offer five.

Economize, streamline expenses and slow down. When you live independently in your own home, there are many chores you need to take care of, from mowing the lawn to shoveling the driveway. And this kind of living comes with a price tag—property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, mortgage, cable television, electricity, heat. In a life plan community such as Glenmeadow, you can streamline these expenses and likely lower your cost of living. You can also quit the job of taking care of your home. We can take care of it for you, so you can do the kinds of things you’ve been waiting to do all your adult life.

Stimulate your mind. A life plan community will keep a full calendar of programming and events, from films and speakers to classes on everything from yoga to collage. This is the time in your life that you have to enjoy, to relax, to expand your mind even more. Take advantage of your retirement years by freeing up your time for educational activities.

Meet new friends. Many older adults who move to a life plan community say that they made their best friends there. Our residents are active and fully engaged, and they spend hours talking with one another about politics, theater, religion, health, family and work in our living room, in their own apartments and while dining. Your retirement can become a time when you can continue to socialize with the family and friends you have loved for years, and you can build new relationships with other retired professionals like yourself.

Age in place. After you have made the move to a life plan community, you can still live an independent and mobile life. Your life need not change at all, except that you will have more time. You can bring your car, drive wherever you wish, and when you return home at night, your dinner will be ready for you.

Care for a spouse. Perhaps you are healthy, but your husband or wife is beginning to show signs of age or illness, and soon could need a level of care that you can no longer provide. Living in a life plan community, you can remain in the same home as your loved one and get the help and respite you both need. Many people come to Glenmeadow for this reason. You can maintain your independence and also rest easy in knowing that your spouse is getting the best care and attention possible.

We invite you to consider Glenmeadow as your next choice for a place to call home. Please contact us so that we can plan a tour, answer your questions and talk you through what the next phase of your life might be like here.

Next month, we will offer tips on evaluating a life plan community.

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