Elegant Meal with a Side of Information

Elegant Meal with a Side of Information

June 27, 2017

From the watermelon salad to the strawberry rhubarb tart, participants at our progressive lunch last week enjoyed an elegant culinary treat that was paired with rich and personal viewpoints on what it’s like to live at Glenmeadow.

We had over 20 area residents at the event, the last in the spring Glenmeadow Learning series. As they dined over seared salmon or bistro fillet of beef, they learned about everything from the square footage of our apartments to our Lifestyle Pass, for those who live in their own homes and want to access our programs.

Our chef Ryan Vaughn prepared the four-course menu, and, at each table, two experts from our life plan community dined along with guests, changing tables at the end of each course. By the end of the meal, participants had heard from all eight experts in four topic areas. The conversation was lively, personal and organic, and with roses and petunias blooming outside in our garden in the background, the setting was lovely.

Those who changed tables to offer information included resident Bill Burrows and Glenmeadow controller David Leslie, who answered financial questions; resident Cissie Kitchener and Laura Lavoie, director of life enrichment programs, who talked about conveniences and lifestyle; resident Naomi Schoenberg and Anne Thomas, president and CEO, who discussed our helpful, supplementary programs; and Emily Perkins, director of Glenmeadow at Home, and David Hastings, a client of that program, spoke on services available to people living in their own homes.

With each change of course, as our experts moved to a new table, a brand new conversation would begin, often with one of our guests asking, “Who are you, and what do you do at Glenmeadow?” By the end of the meal, several diners had requested tours, and one announced that she is pleased to be on our waiting list.

“This was a great way to do this. I enjoyed it. There was so much information,” said one guest as he left the dining room.

Many participants had questions about the finances and were pleased to learn that tipping is not permitted at Glenmeadow, for instance, or that the monthly fees are inclusive so there are no surprises.

Diners were also interested to learn that there is ready access to personal care services in the case of a fall, illness, or injury and that physical therapy is available on-site at Glenmeadow. They heard as well about our many activities, programs, and wellness services.

A frequent leader of tours at Glenmeadow, Torrie Dearborn of our Marketing Department was often called over to tables to answer questions about the look and feel of our apartments. She explained to one table of six, for instance, that our apartments range in square footage from 630 feet to 1,500; she outlined typical floor plans as well.

The meal began with a watermelon salad, which included hearts of romaine, watermelon, cucumbers, toasted almonds, and feta with a mango-mint vinaigrette. The second course, potato croquettes, featured russet potatoes, caramelized onions, and parmesan cheese, served with demi-glace.

Participants were able to choose an entrée—pan-seared salmon with roasted new potatoes, grilled asparagus and lemon beurre blanc, or a bistro fillet of beef with gorgonzola mashed potatoes, smoked baby carrots and shallots and au poivre sauce. Dessert was a strawberry rhubarb tart with whipped strawberry cream cheese-filled shells and an apricot glaze, candied pecans, and honey vanilla whipped cream.

“Do you eat like this every night?” one guest asked a Glenmeadow resident, which launched a conversation about our consistently excellent dining options.

Glenmeadow Learning is one of the many free programs we offer to members of the wider community. And these programs represent only one facet of the life plan community’s mission to serve seniors across the region and to operate as a socially accountable organization.

We are busy working on our fall slate of Glenmeadow Learning programs, and it promises to be lively and fun. Stay tuned, and look for our brochure in August!


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