Our Lead Housekeeper Puts People First, On and Off the Job

Our Lead Housekeeper Puts People First, On and Off the Job

April 4, 2018
Glenmeadow lead housekeeper Jason Arnold and a Glenmeadow resident

By day, Jason Arnold makes sure that our housekeepers exceed residents’ expectations. By night, he plays the drums with various bands in venues across the Valley and teaches 10-year-olds how to play as well.

In both Jason’s work and play, he says the people he serves come first.

“As a musician, you need to interact with people because you want them to come out and see your show,” Jason says. “It’s the same way at Glenmeadow. I interact with residents and create a good rapport with them, and they’re not afraid to come to me, to open up to me.”

Jason has served as Glenmeadow’s lead housekeeper since 2016. He oversees the schedule for all of our housekeepers and spends much of his day making sure residents’ needs are met.

“I see a lot of residents,” Jason says. “I greet them and say, ‘Good morning.’ They let me know if they have special requests, and we take care of them. I’m constantly checking to see how their days are going and joking around with them.”

Jason’s upbeat personality, winning smile, and willingness to help make him popular with everyone at Glenmeadow. Recently, he was featured in a story in a publication by and for residents.

He is one of many valued staff members who work to build relationships with our residents with compassion and dedication.

We have 215 employees at our life plan community, and we’re committed to creating an environment in which they thrive. We offer health and dental benefits, retirement plans, and access to our fitness room and indoor pool. And we also support employees through the Staff Education Fund, which offers up to $1,250 per year so that staff members may take a class or pursue a hobby.

This is why Glenmeadow can boast of a longstanding staff team.

“Seventy percent of the management staff have worked here over 10 years,” says Anne Miller, assistant administrator at Glenmeadow. “People like to be here at Glenmeadow because they’re treated well. Management engages with employees. People know each other’s names.”

Jason says, “Glenmeadow is one of the better places I’ve worked. Everybody is valued equally.”

As staff are generously rewarded for service, they are also held to high expectations.

“We expect staff to greet everyone they see in a day, and be kind and hospitable,” Anne says. “We allow staff enough flexibility in their daily schedules, so they can stop in the hallway and help someone carry groceries or solve a problem. We want our employees to think on their feet and do what is right.”

Jason has epitomized that thinking.

He learned about Glenmeadow through our former president and CEO, Tim Cotz, who served on the board for the Community Music School in Springfield, where Jason continues to teach classes. Jason was hired as a part-time dishwasher in 2012.

“He was always so pleasant and personable as dishes were dropped off to him each day,” Anne remembers. “He has a broad smile and a can-do attitude. When a position opened up for a full-time lead housekeeper, the leadership team quickly decided to offer Jason the job.”

Jason’s musical interest was passed down to him from his father, Billy Arnold, Jr., who is a drummer with the Young@Heart chorus and is also an instructor at the Community Music School. This year, residents voted to support the school with fundraising and have already raised $1,500.

Jason appeared on stage for the first time when he was only five. One of his proudest moments came when he had the opportunity to open for the rock band Air Supply at the Webster Theater in Connecticut.

In March, Jason took to the stage at Glenmeadow, performing in the Follies. He danced in “Grease” and served as emcee in a skit called “Gypsy.”

He was pleasing his audience, as always.



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