Building a Close-knit Staff Family at Glenmeadow

Building a Close-knit Staff Family at Glenmeadow

July 22, 2018

In the 21 years that Carol Baj has worked with us, she’s watched Glenmeadow build the Longmeadow campus and create the thriving life plan community we have today, complete with enhanced programs and services that also benefit older adults living independently in Greater Springfield.

Susan “Sue” White, our bookkeeper for 20 years, has watched the same growth from her own vantage point. What she and Carol both value most about Glenmeadow, though, is the collegial community it fosters.

“I love the people, number one, both my coworkers and the residents,” Sue says. “There is just such a great family here.”

Carol heartily agrees. “There are a lot of smiles. I don’t know where else you can go to work and get a hug every day,” she says. “My son has worked in maintenance. My daughter worked at the front desk. My husband has volunteered over the years doing many different things, and my sister drove our bus. My children pretty much grew up here. It’s a place where you want to invite your friends and family to work.”

At our annual employee recognition luncheon earlier this summer, Carol and Sue were among those to receive awards honoring longtime service—from five years up to 20. They highlight the reputation we have for providing a positive, supportive atmosphere to employees who stay loyal to us, often remaining with us throughout their careers.

That longevity allows our residents to build healthy, trusting, long-term relationships with those who care for them on a daily basis.

“Glenmeadow values its employees,” Carol says. “Part of the employee pledge that we take when we come to Glenmeadow is that we will treat people the way we want to be treated, and that really fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect between employees and residents.”

Carol, Glenmeadow’s lead concierge, was formerly a hairdresser and started her job with us just five months after our life plan community opened in 1997. At the time, she answered the phone. Later, she was promoted to lead concierge—her first supervisory role—and she now oversees a team of about 20 employees.

Anne Miller, vice president of operations, says she has enjoyed mentoring Carol. “I’ve loved watching her learn and grow and live into being a supervisor,” Anne says. “We are so fortunate to have talented, long-term employees like Carol to represent Glenmeadow.”

Carol is the first person that family members, and people in the community, meet when they come through our doors, as she is seated at her desk in the main lobby. Her team offers a first stop for residents, family members, and visitors to arrange transportation, schedule a handyman, ask whether the mail has arrived, or assist with any one of a myriad of other important requests.

“We’re the hub of Glenmeadow,” she says. “Being able to do an act of kindness every day—that’s the number one best thing about working at Glenmeadow.”

Before coming to Glenmeadow, Sue ran an art studio and gift shop but needed to turn in a different direction. She found Glenmeadow two decades ago through a newspaper ad; she has been our bookkeeper ever since.  Sue also offers her bookkeeping skills through Glenmeadow at Home, so clients throughout Greater Springfield can access her bill-paying and organizational skills

Sue has enjoyed spending time outside of work with her colleagues at Glenmeadow over the years, doing everything from taking weekend trips to New York City together to hosting game nights at each other’s homes.

“We are a very tight-knit group with professional and personal relationships built over many years,” says Sue’s supervisor, David Leslie, our vice president of finance.

Glenmeadow has been a support system in crucial times for Sue, going to great lengths many years ago to ensure her family’s insurance coverage would provide for their needs while a member of Sue’s family was ill.

“That’s the type of company this is, and the generosity and love we all have for each other,” Sue says.

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