Welcoming Two New Dedicated Team Members

Welcoming Two New Dedicated Team Members

November 13, 2018
Glenmeadow staff Meaghan Carrier and Chris Einhaus

While in school, Meaghan Carrier considered both psychology and social work as good career fits for her. Social work won because Meaghan saw it as more of a helping profession.

“I wanted to make a difference,” says the newest member of our staff team, who came on board in July as the director of Glenmeadow at Home.

Several months before Meaghan joined us, Chris Einhaus was hired to serve as our new executive chef and director of dining. He and Meaghan were officially welcomed into the Glenmeadow family during a reception on September 26. Both say they are settling in well to our life plan community and appreciate the warm welcomes they have received both from staff and residents.

Chris says, “Glenmeadow seems less like a retirement community and more like a resort where people live year-round, where there are activities going on all the time.”

Meaghan agrees. “The staff want people to be well and live the best lives they can,” she says. “When I walk through the door, it feels good. People seem truly happy. It’s a place where people feel good and where people genuinely care.”

About Meaghan

Meaghan launched her career at Redstone Rehab and Nursing Center in East Longmeadow after earning a bachelor’s degree in social work from Western New England University in 2012. She was a graduate student at Westfield State University at the time, working toward the master’s degree she earned there in 2013.

Since then, Meaghan has served as the director of social services at the Calvin Coolidge Nursing and Rehab Center for Northampton and as short-term rehab director at Linda Manor in Leeds. While in these roles, Meaghan says she had a close look at the gaps that exist in services for older adults.

“I watched people go home from rehabilitation hundreds of times who could have used more help but may not have known it was out there,” she says. She enjoys her work with Glenmeadow at Home—which offers services from caregiving to handyman help to people living in their own homes in Greater Springfield because, “I like the idea of filling a need that wasn’t being met.”

In her role, Meaghan oversees staff who provide client services to residents at Glenmeadow as well as to clients throughout Greater Springfield. Glenmeadow at Home offers daily help with such tasks as getting dressed, taking a shower, cleaning house, or managing medications. Some people, she says, simply need companionship.

“We offer services that help to free peoples’ minds, so they live the best lives they can,” Meaghan says. “We strive to provide individualized services and consistent care.”

About Chris

As executive chef and director of dining, Chris draws on his 35 years of food service experience at local restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. He became interested in food service while in high school on the Jersey Shore when he chose culinary arts as the vocational offering in his junior and senior years.

“The town where I grew up was a summertime resort area,” says Chris. “It was easy to find a restaurant job, and I found it was something I was pretty good at. Even while working as a busboy or dishwasher, I was always observing what the cooks were doing.”

Chris earned his culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University in 1981 and has held a variety of jobs since then. He’s been employed with Marriott’s corporate dining services; as food service director in the Brattleboro, Vermont, public school system; as manager for Fitzwilly’s in Northampton; and as food service production supervisor of Baystate Medical Center.

At Baystate, Chris oversaw food service for roughly 3,000 employees and 500 patients each day.

He says he learned about the job at Glenmeadow through a friend, and he is pleasantly surprised with the good fit. “I’m getting to know both the people employed here and the residents themselves,” he says. “I have built a lot of positive relationships with active, intelligent, compassionate people.”


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