Is Glenmeadow a Good Financial Fit for You?

Is Glenmeadow a Good Financial Fit for You?

March 29, 2019

“I can’t afford Glenmeadow.”

This is a comment we hear every now and again—most often from people who have not taken a close look at the cost of living at our life plan community or the services that are provided. When people begin to do the math, they find there can actually be a savings associated with living here.

The information you need to help you decide if Glenmeadow is a place you could call home is right on our website, in the Resources section. We offer information guides for Independent and Assisted Living as well as detailed pricing summaries.

After you take a look—or perhaps instead of looking—we invite you to call Torrie Dearborn in marketing at 413-567-7800. Torrie would be happy to meet with you and walk you through the pricing options with your own financial situation in mind. She can help you compare the cost of your current living situation with costs at Glenmeadow.

Torrie can also give you a tour of Glenmeadow, so you can see for yourself what services you could expect for the price—everything from entertainment to fine dining to a swim in our pool.

If you currently own your own home or have other assets, there is a good chance that Glenmeadow is a good financial fit for you. Your assets will likely more than cover the entrance fee, and the monthly fee will likely be consistent with the cost of your current monthly expenses.

In essence, the equity in your home—or in your investment portfolio—would allow you to gain entrance to Glenmeadow. The savings on health care, electricity, internet access, cable television, and groceries would fund our one, reasonable monthly fee.

At Glenmeadow, you won’t need to pay a cleaning person or the professionals who take care of your plumbing, wiring, other home maintenance, or your lawn, and driveway. You also won’t need to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, or health club fees, and even transportation is included if you decide not to bring your car.

You can also easily wipe out the cost of entertainment at Glenmeadow. We have a packed calendar of daily programs and active groups of intelligent older adults. You can go to the movies here, take part in educational program, work out, play games, and enjoy an entertainer.

It’s possible you might not be ready to consider a move to a life plan community. We can help you make that decision as well. With our Lifestyle Pass, you can experience many of the benefits of life at Glenmeadow and test us out in a way that is affordable.

For $35 per month, you can that that swim in our pool, work on your health and wellness in our fitness classes, enjoy our speakers and presentations, and take meals in our dining room. We are here to help.

Glenmeadow has a mission to support seniors in living out their later years without concerns that cause stress. We nurture your mind, body, and spirit. And we can show you the way in which it could soothe your wallet as well.


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