Telling Our Stories

Telling Our Stories

April 23, 2019

Every day, we are living into our mission to serve older adults in the place they call home, whether that is on the campus of our life plan community or in private homes in Greater Springfield. The work we do—and the opportunities we create to enhance mind, body, and spirit—help transform peoples’ lives for the better.

We like to shine a light on these successes in hopes it might help others to discover that Glenmeadow is a good fit for their parents, or for themselves. So, we’ve revamped our website, adding stories about residents and staff, and the ways in which we help others.

For several years, we have been storytelling in our Blog section of the site, and we continue to do this, calling these posts our Mission Moments.

Newer on the site are the How We Help case studies. These items are shorter than blogs and allow visitors to get a quick overview of a resident’s experience or form a better understanding of the ways in which our staff members go above and beyond in their work.

The Mission Moments and How We Help entries can be accessed from our Home page. Scroll down under the featured calendar item!

More structured in nature than the Mission Moments—which are told in narrative form, as a story—the How We Help entries are formatted and present the challenge faced by a community members, how we helped, and the result.

In an entry about resident Ruth Schwarz, for instance, visitors will learn that as Ruth and her late husband, Maurice, grew older, they decided they wanted to live closer to their daughter, who lives in this region.

Ruth at first felt somewhat intimidated by the fact that many of our residents have known one another for years. But our residents and staff were welcoming, and the many activities we offer gave Ruth the chance to become a leader at our life plan community. “It’s a great place to be,” she says.

The presentation of the How We Help items allows us to also showcase the ways in which our staff members address challenges faced by our older adults.

In an item about personal trainer Deb Padden, she talks about the prevalent concern that older adults have in keeping fit and protecting their health.

In hopes of helping seniors improve their balance—and their personal safety—Deb designed a new program called “Balance Works” several years ago, and she continues to assess what new programs might be useful. She also leads classes that help our residents feel strong and recover from injuries.

The result is that our residents can focus on maintaining strength and flexibility, and they feel safer, knowing they are taking actions that will help them prevent falls.

We hope our Mission Moments and How We Help examples will give you a better view of the quality care and peace of mind we provide.

Glenmeadow is a leader in meeting the broad-scope needs of older adults in Greater Springfield. We find solutions to the problems faced by older adults, and we say “Yes” in answer to their questions.

Take a look at the many ways We Can Help.

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