Take a Multi-Generational Trip to Egypt

Take a Multi-Generational Trip to Egypt

September 4, 2019

Andrew Butler traveled extensively as a child. When he became the father of two, he wanted his children to also have adventures. As he says, “Travel is a living classroom.”

An emergency room physician in Texas by day, Andrew is a travel advisor in his free time. He and his wife, Tracie, also a physician, use travel to provide dedicated family time, entertainment, and education. “We put work—and our phones—aside to learn together and share in the same adventure together,” he says. “It’s really special for us.”

The Butlers have visited destinations across the United States as well as Europe, Asia, India, the Galapagos Islands and, last year, Egypt.

“Both children and adults can appreciate Egypt,” he says. “Egypt has been an evocative destination across pop culture. It appeals to those of us who grew up with novels by Agatha Christie as well as to today’s children watching Indiana Jones. We certainly found it to be a great multi-generational destination when my family traveled there.”

In July 2020, travelers in Greater Springfield can also experience a journey to Egypt with their own families—all generations—courtesy of Glenmeadow Getaways, our travel program. Backed by Andrew’s knowledge and the stellar reputation of Abercrombie & Kent, our tour provider, we’re offering a 10-night excursion from July 11 through July 20, 2020.

The trip includes a cruise on the Nile River, riding a camel, and exploring an Egyptian pyramid. “I think it’s a great mix of all the best of what Egypt has to offer,” Andrew says. “Travelers will be accompanied by true Egyptologist guides to put it all in perspective while staying in luxury accommodations. The price point is incredible for what you’re getting.”

Complete trip details, including pricing and a day-by-day itinerary, will be available in two information sessions, both to be held at Glenmeadow, on Thursday, Sept. 19, at 5:30 p.m., and on Saturday, Sept. 21, at 11 a.m. Andrew will be available to answer questions via video chat.

If you aren’t able to attend but want to learn more, contact Linda Edwards at 413-567-3951.

Multi-generational travel can be a transformative experience, bringing families together and connecting grandparents with their grandkids while building lifelong and cherished memories. For Andrew, Tracie, and their two children, ages 9 and 13, coming together by getting away has been a bonding experience.

Andrew says Egypt is a perfect place to explore with family from multiple generations because the history is so rich.

“Egypt’s history dates back further than most places in the world, and the parts that you can still see are from 3,000 and even 4,000 BC,” he says. “Much of that history is both visible and well-preserved as a lot of those areas were buried under sand for hundreds if not thousands of years. What we see today looks a lot like it did thousands of years ago. You can’t say that about many places in the world.”

At this time, travel to Egypt is also ideal as there are fewer people visiting the country. In 2011, an uprising in Cairo quashed tourism, lowering prices and reducing the number of explorers to well-known sites. Andrew said Cairo is safe now, and, the travel firm Abercrombie & Kent has intense safety protocols in place.

For instance, in 2011, when the unrest occurred, Abercrombie & Kent had over 200 travelers in the country, and they handled the situation with grace. Within three hours, the company had private jets transport all the Cairo travelers to Jordan, setting them up with luxury accommodations, all at no cost.

“The whole situation speaks to Abercrombie & Kent’s safety-mindedness and how aware they are,” he says.

When Andrew and his family visited the country in 2018, they felt welcomed. “My family and I never felt concerned for our safety. People were friendly and made us feel very much at home and a part of their culture.”

He added, “When my family and I visited the Temple of Luxor, there were very few people around. Our Egyptologist guide said that before 2011, there were 600 tour buses visiting that site every eight hours. It was really special for us to have that private, intimate experience, but Egypt will only get back to being that busy again. Now is the time to visit.”

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