LeadingAge Membership Strengthens Our Senior Services

LeadingAge Membership Strengthens Our Senior Services

December 3, 2019

Glenmeadow is a premier life care community offering quality services to seniors across Western Mass. Like every organization in the lead, we need collaborators that help us to stay on top. This is why Glenmeadow is a member of LeadingAge.

A vast network of nonprofits serving seniors, LeadingAge seeks to support, enable, and empower older adults to live fully as they age. The organization focuses its energy on legislative advocacy, increasing access to resources through connectivity, and providing education and benefits to its network of service providers.

Knowledge and resources we gain through LeadingAge help us to stay current on the topics of interest to our audience and also allow us to always be a step ahead, whether we’re talking about enhancing the dignity of our clients or the management of financial resources.

“We’re expanding the world of possibilities for aging at Glenmeadow, in part thanks to our partnership with LeadingAge. We know how important it is to continue enhancing and expanding the options for care that will allow seniors to age with dignity,” says Anne Thomas, our president and CEO.

Anne is a member of the LeadingAge Massachusetts Board of Trustees; she is building relationships with industry providers statewide and across the country. “Through LeadingAge, we get connected to other service providers who share our values of high standards of care and want to make those values the norm nationwide,” she says. “It’s so empowering to be a part of such a large network of like-minded organizations.”

Branches of LeadingAge in 43 states offer memberships for:
• Nonprofits or government-sponsored providers offering housing or care.
• Educators, retired administrators from member organizations, attorneys, and national, state, and local organizations that are not affiliated with a provider.
• Businesses.
• Students who can benefit directly from educational programs, scholarships, career development, and networking opportunities.

To provide power in numbers, LeadingAge connects its members. Through networking, the organizations strengthen their individual missions and improve their services to the benefit of innumerable clients.

“The idea is simple,” Anne says. “We all become a little stronger by connecting with other agencies that have decades of experience in their field. We all bring something to the table, and that table gets bigger and bigger every time another organization joins LeadingAge.”

Members are given access to third-party products and services that LeadingAge has negotiated special rates for, including insurance coverage, caregiver training programs, HR management software, payroll, marketing, property management, IT solutions, and group purchasing.

“Being a part of the LeadingAge network allows retirement communities like Glenmeadow to do what we do best—take care of people and exceed their needs—while making sure that the various other aspects of running a nonprofit are overseen with the same level of professionalism and skill,” Anne says.

Outside of their own networks, LeadingAge members also communicate regularly with senators and representatives to ensure that services for older adults are being adequately supported through legislation. In 2018 alone, LeadingAge submitted 14 recommendations to the House Ways and Means Committee for regulatory changes in nursing homes, home health services, and hospices, and advocated before Congress in support of legislation to repeal the mandatory two-year CNA training lock-out.

In fact, members generated over 20,000 emails and phone calls to Congress on issues that make a difference in the lives of their clients. LeadingAge also initiated a “Coffee Chats with Congress” campaign, encouraging members to invite legislators to visit their communities.

Among LeadingAge’s continuous goals is repositioning the field of aging services to attract a quality workforce. Part of that mission involves providing educational opportunities for current staff, especially through the “Learning Hub,” an online professional development resource featuring over 55 educational opportunities.

“Expanding the workforce with caring providers is also on the Glenmeadow agenda, so we appreciate that LeadingAge is leading the way,” Anne says.

With over 5,800 LeadingAge members now, and an increasingly large demographic of people needing an interdisciplinary approach to aging services, LeadingAge has a future in the front.

To learn more about LeadingAge, visit www.leadingage.org.

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