Our Care Management Team Simplifies Lives

Our Care Management Team Simplifies Lives

February 18, 2020

Refilling medications is a task that often involves multiple phone calls to the doctor’s office, health insurance company, and pharmacy. It’s a lot of work, and it can be confusing and frustrating.

That’s why our Glenmeadow at Home care management team is at the ready, prepared to help simplify lives. We can help you with medication management—or any task related to your daily life.

“Working with us is like having one of your grown children in town,” says Meaghan Carrier, a licensed clinical social worker who serves as director of Glenmeadow at Home. “Care management is a service we provide to older adults who might need support in organizing their lives, including support if they want to thrive living at home. We find ways to help them—whatever their needs may be.”

In past months, we have been enhancing the care management services offered through Glenmeadow at Home because we know the many challenges older adults face, and we want to ensure we are best equipped to help. Toward this end, we have hired more trained professionals to meet all of our client’s needs.

Meaghan provides services in Longmeadow, and we have added social worker Erin Koebler to the team to provide care in Greater Springfield. Barbara Syner, a licensed practical nurse, will also work 24 hours per week to provide medical support to Glenmeadow at Home clients.

“Barbara and Erin have similar roles, but Barbara’s area of expertise is in nursing rather than social work,” Meaghan explains. “If you have a new diagnosis and need diet recommendations, or if you need help ordering supplies, Barbara is there for you.”

A common care management model involves hiring a private care manager to oversee a family member’s care, but then that care manager in turn hires and collaborates with other agencies that actually provide the care.

What sets Glenmeadow at Home’s team apart is the comprehensive oversight we offer. We can remove all the boundary lines between physicians, supplementary care providers, family members, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and other entities that serve older adults.

When a parent wishes to remain at home for as long as possible, Glenmeadow at Home can provide in-home medical care as well as the organization required to fill all the other gaps—helping with tasks such as showering, dressing, preparing meals, doing laundry, getting to doctor’s appointments.

“We do it all. It’s the same group, the same people,” Meaghan says. “I can communicate directly with our staff instead of contacting a separate agency. We streamline communication.”

When a hospice agency is hired for end-of-life care in a home, for example, nursing care is not provided around the clock. We provide the supplementary care for both the patient and family.

“I look at it as full-circle care,” Meaghan says. “We make sure that whatever your goal is for care for you or your loved one, it comes to fruition. And once people are familiar with us, they tend to keep reaching out for our help.”

Because we are compassionate and kind.

“The culture of Glenmeadow is really positive,” Meaghan says. “When you see someone providing care, we’re all here for the same reason: to support clients with whatever their needs are.”

Clients receive care that ranges from one hour of help per week to 24 hours of care each day. Meaghan stresses that Glenmeadow’s staff can help transition clients after a health crisis, as their health improves, and will also keep a watchful eye on them in case there’s another emergency.

“We try to be really proactive in anticipating people’s needs before they have them,” she says. “We think about how to support someone through a crisis before that crisis happens.”

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