Glenmeadow is a vibrant community, made up of individuals and families, caring and supporting each other.

We hope our blog helps you experience what makes Glenmeadow a special place.

Hands That Guide Give Peace of Mind

October 8, 2019

Sitting in front of an easel, one of our residents dips a paintbrush into forest green paint and begins the task of bringing pine trees to life. As she moves her brush from palette to canvas, she is unaware that her efforts are aided by a staff member who is supporting her every motion. Using […]

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Glenmeadow Panel Shined Light on America’s Two-Party System

September 9, 2019

Nearly a third of the people gathered for our first fall Glenmeadow Learning presentation, “Both Sides of the Aisle: A conversation about America’s two-party system,” raised a hand to indicate they had at least one friend with whom they can no longer discuss politics. To our panelist Ron Chimelis, an editorial writer for the Springfield […]

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Take a Multi-Generational Trip to Egypt

September 4, 2019

Andrew Butler traveled extensively as a child. When he became the father of two, he wanted his children to also have adventures. As he says, “Travel is a living classroom.” An emergency room physician in Texas by day, Andrew is a travel advisor in his free time. He and his wife, Tracie, also a physician, […]

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Experienced Leader Runs Our Glenmeadow Store

August 21, 2019

When Bill Burrows moved to Glenmeadow nearly a decade ago, he made his way to the Glenmeadow store and was surprised that his reputation as a long-time shop owner preceded him. “Are you the new guy?” someone asked him. “We know you owned a business, and we want you to run the store!” That’s how […]

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