Glenmeadow’s Chef Prepares for Lunch

June 16, 2017

In high school, Ryan Vaughn took care of children in an after-school program the YMCA ran in a local elementary school in Connecticut. He met a single dad of four boys there. One day, the dad happened to mention he was launching a food truck business. “We became friends,” Ryan recalls. “I worked on the […]

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Wisdom from a Memoir Writer

May 31, 2017
Sneak Peeks Glenmeadow Program

Everyone has a story to tell, author John Sheirer told roughly 30 aspiring writers at our Glenmeadow Learning program last week. The leader of “Writing Your Life: An Author’s Tips on Crafting a Memoir,” John told those who gathered at Bay Path University that, when told well in memoir form, those stories don’t simply chronicle […]

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Downsizing a Home, Making Deep Connections

May 10, 2017

Jennifer “Jenn” Velasquez has a diverse role in her full-time work with Glenmeadow at Home. One day, she might provide comprehensive care to a resident of the life plan community; on another, she may find herself in a hallway in a home in Greater Springfield, sorting through hundreds of shelved books. That’s because Glenmeadow at […]

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Healing the Divide: Advice from Our Panelists

April 25, 2017

Democracy in America is broken. That was the general opinion from the panel of political experts we gathered to present “The First 100 Days: Governing Across the Great Divide” at Western New England University last week. The program, offered through Glenmeadow Learning, took a close look at President Donald Trump’s actions in office thus far—and […]

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