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Glenmeadow Panel Shined Light on America’s Two-Party System

September 9, 2019

Nearly a third of the people gathered for our first fall Glenmeadow Learning presentation, “Both Sides of the Aisle: A conversation about America’s two-party system,” raised a hand to indicate they had at least one friend with whom they can no longer discuss politics. To our panelist Ron Chimelis, an editorial writer for the Springfield […]

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Take a Multi-Generational Trip to Egypt

September 4, 2019

Andrew Butler traveled extensively as a child. When he became the father of two, he wanted his children to also have adventures. As he says, “Travel is a living classroom.” An emergency room physician in Texas by day, Andrew is a travel advisor in his free time. He and his wife, Tracie, also a physician, […]

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Experienced Leader Runs Our Glenmeadow Store

August 21, 2019

When Bill Burrows moved to Glenmeadow nearly a decade ago, he made his way to the Glenmeadow store and was surprised that his reputation as a long-time shop owner preceded him. “Are you the new guy?” someone asked him. “We know you owned a business, and we want you to run the store!” That’s how […]

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New Counselor to Focus on Balanced Nutrition

August 7, 2019

Marissa Chiapperino wanted to be a chef in high school. Then she toured a well-known culinary college she considered attending. She and other prospective students were put in the kitchen to prepare a meal for their parents while the parents went on the campus tour. Marissa was intimidated since her knowledge of cooking at that […]

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