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Dementia Friendly Glenmeadow

December 20, 2018
Caregiver and elderly client

Note: Our blogs are always based on interviews with actual residents, staff, donors or other members of the Glenmeadow community. This blog is likewise based on fact, but we have changed the names of those we interviewed to protect the privacy of their families. One of our staff members helps resident Renee keep rhythm in […]

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We Tested Their Wits with Our Trivia Challenge

December 12, 2018
Glenmeadow Trivia Challenge Team

What gun manufacturer launched its business in Springfield, growing into one of the largest in the world? True or false: Glenmeadow at Home will walk your dog, clean your cat’s litterbox, and drive you to an appointment at the veterinarian. Name a famous Broadway musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. These are the kinds of […]

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Friendship is ‘Gift from Heaven’ for This Pair

November 27, 2018
Glenmeadow residents Ann Togneri and Beth Young

When Ann Togneri moved to Longmeadow in 2001, the once hospital pharmacist shifted her focus to caring for her husband and daughter, both of whom struggled with medical problems. “I didn’t make good friends because I was needed at home,” Ann remembers. Beth Young lived and breathed her work as a reading specialist for the […]

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Welcoming Two New Dedicated Team Members

November 13, 2018
Glenmeadow staff Meaghan Carrier and Chris Einhaus

While in school, Meaghan Carrier considered both psychology and social work as good career fits for her. Social work won because Meaghan saw it as more of a helping profession. “I wanted to make a difference,” says the newest member of our staff team, who came on board in July as the director of Glenmeadow […]

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