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Our Caregivers Offer Independence, Compassion

December 4, 2017

Sally Everett was a prosecuting attorney in the 1980s and ’90s, taking on doctors, nurses, and other providers charged with Medicaid fraud. Her husband, Gordon Snider, was an internationally renowned pulmonologist. Sally and Gordon met and fell in love after Sally was diagnosed in 1993, in her mid-50s, with a rare deficiency that made her […]

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Creating Opportunities that Lead to Fulfillment, Success

November 21, 2017

Gert Joffe has an appreciation—and an eye—for nature. She loves to photograph flora and fauna, and then create charcoal sketches or oil prints from her pho­tos. Outside her apartment here at Glenmeadow, and inside on her walls, are lovely lithographs of landscapes, lily pads, black-eyed Susans. Ann Togneri also enjoys the outdoors. She has dabbled […]

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Improv, Anecdotes—and Lots of Fun with Storytelling

November 7, 2017

Drama instructor Dan Morbyrne laid a handful of items on the table—a vintage phone, a Rubik’s cube, a fur piece. They were prompts for storytelling, and participants at our most recent Glenmeadow Learning program knew just what do to with them. One man, a Glenmeadow resident, held the faux fur as he recounted fond memories […]

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Glenmeadow Residents Fundraising for ALS

October 24, 2017

When our beloved President and CEO Tim Cotz announced to us 18 months ago that he would retire in October 2016, he was unaware that a threat lurking in his body would alter the retirement plans he and his husband, Ken, had imagined. In July 2016, three months before we feted him with a retirement […]

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