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We Tested Their Wits with Our Trivia Challenge

December 12, 2018
Glenmeadow Trivia Challenge Team

What gun manufacturer launched its business in Springfield, growing into one of the largest in the world? True or false: Glenmeadow at Home will walk your dog, clean your cat’s litterbox, and drive you to an appointment at the veterinarian. Name a famous Broadway musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. These are the kinds of […]

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News and the Forecast on Alzheimer’s Care

October 24, 2018

Cancer, heart disease and stroke come to mind in considering the top 10 leading causes of death. The sixth leading cause is less obvious, though. It’s Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s on the rise, according to the presenter of our recent Glenmeadow Learning program, “Dementia and Brain Health: Risk Factors, Interventions, Research.” Kelsey Gosselin, the manager […]

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Starting the Conversation on Sex and Seniors

September 25, 2018
Dr. Fleishman giving sex and intimacy for seniors presentation

There’s no expiration date on sex. It’s for everyone. At any age. That’s the message that Jane Fleishman, an expert on the sexual well-being of older adults, brought to our first fall Glenmeadow Learning program, Sexuality and Older Adults: Intimacy, with a Dash of Humor, held on the east campus of Bay Path University on […]

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Fall Learning Topics Include Relationships, Sex, Trivia

August 14, 2018

Our fall Glenmeadow Learning and Getaways programs kick off in earnest on Tuesday, August 28 at 3 p.m. at our life plan community with Sneak Peeks: Our Upcoming Programs and Trips. Don’t miss this overview of our fall and winter line-up of educational offerings on topics ranging from trivia to sex and older adults. We’ll […]

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