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Raising Awareness About Dementia, Offering Support

July 13, 2018

When William “Bill” Zeckhausen found himself forgetting appointments and losing his place in his sheet music during chorus rehearsal, the idea that he might have Alzheimer’s or another dementia quickly became his worst fear. His mother had had dementia. Bill did nothing except hope his friends and family would not notice his absentmindedness. About a […]

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Her Talents Bring Strength and Fulfillment

January 9, 2018

Deb Padden is skilled in two areas that do not cross over one another. What these talents have in common is that Deb uses them to give our residents a sense of accomplishment. A fitness instructor since 1987, Deb is also a gifted artist who’s been offering lessons in fine art for 25 years. She […]

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Learning about Birds, Wildlife, and Climate Change

December 19, 2017

As she launched a two-hour program on area wildlife and climate change, Patti Steinman of the Massachusetts Audubon Society posed three quick questions to our packed audience of roughly 80 area residents. “Who likes wildlife?” Patti asked, as a sea of hands were raised. “Who likes birds?” Again, hands galore. Then, Patti asked, “Who likes […]

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Improv, Anecdotes—and Lots of Fun with Storytelling

November 7, 2017

Drama instructor Dan Morbyrne laid a handful of items on the table—a vintage phone, a Rubik’s cube, a fur piece. They were prompts for storytelling, and participants at our most recent Glenmeadow Learning program knew just what do to with them. One man, a Glenmeadow resident, held the faux fur as he recounted fond memories […]

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