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Busy Life is Key to Good Health as an Older Adult

June 26, 2018

Annette Lerner doesn’t let her age slow her down. At 87, she swims in our pool almost every morning, serves on Glenmeadow’s Board of Directors and Food Committee, works at the store in our life plan community, plays canasta and bridge with fellow residents, and calls bingo on Thursday nights. Annette’s active lifestyle also extends […]

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Commitment to Giving Keeps This Resident Going

May 8, 2018

At 95, David Starr says he doesn’t particularly feel like slowing down. The lifelong philanthropist can’t stop thinking about the things he can still do for his community. A Glenmeadow resident, David goes into his office generally once a week at The Springfield Republican Co. in Springfield, where he works as president as well as […]

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Lifestyle Pass Offers More Than Good Health

March 6, 2018

When 67-year-old Frances “Fran” Clinton dips her toe into the water in Glenmeadow’s indoor pool, she enters a sanctuary all her own. Three to five times per week, Fran takes a swim class or uses the pool independently, doing her own brand of water aerobics, in which she incorporates techniques she learned in classes with […]

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Honoring Love, Renewing Vows on Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2018

As six couples renewed their vows in a sweet and tender ceremony we held for residents on Valentine’s Day, warm memories flooded back for many of the men and women. Dr. Carl and Joanne Janovsky reminisced that they met because their sisters were students at the same college and introduced the families to one another. […]

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