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Part of the Family

February 21, 2017

Jennifer “Jenn” Velasquez doesn’t just care for seniors in the Glenmeadow community. She builds relationships with them and becomes part of the family. That’s how Phyllis and Earl Winer, Glenmeadow residents, became Jenn’s “adoptive parents.” “We’ve been through a lot together,” says Jenn, a full-time certified nursing assistant (CNA) with Glenmeadow at Home. “I’ve been […]

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Glenmeadow is Offering Three New Balance Programs

February 7, 2017

Our certified personal trainer, Debbie Padden, has been working with seniors for many years, and she has learned that on their list of health priorities, balance is top of mind. To help them improve in that critical area—making seniors safer as well as stronger—Glenmeadow has unveiled three new wellness programs for 2017 that focus on […]

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Glenmeadow’s Wellness Center Benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit

February 16, 2016

For at least the past 10 years, exercise has been a regular part of Earl Winer’s daily routine. In the summer months, he plays golf in the Berkshires, and, while wintering in Florida, he visits a gym to work out. This physical rigor didn’t skip a curl, a crunch, or a class after Earl, now […]

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ABC40 News Coverage

February 11, 2015

The Feb. 6 midday news program on ABC40 featured Glenmeadow speaker Dr. Susan Megas, an expert in the topic of early-stage dementia.

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