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What types of residential living options does Glenmeadow offer? What is a CCRC?

February 22, 2017

    There are many options for retirement living. One popular option is the continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. This type of community is different from other housing options because it offers housing, services, and nursing in a coordinated continuum of care. You can access services and amenities as you need them, now and in the […]

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    How do I know which level of support is appropriate?

      Glenmeadow has become known for our ability to personalize services to the individual. While we do have criteria for both independent living and assisted living, we pride ourselves on working with individuals and families to support residents as they age while enjoying the highest possible quality of life and maintaining maximum independence and dignity. Independent […]

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      Why doesn’t Glenmeadow have an on-site nursing home?

        We have chosen to use the contemporary and financially prudent approach to health services of focusing on healthy independent living, combined with “assistance-in-living” and assisted living services. The decision was based on these factors: demographically, relatively few people ever need skilled nursing care (about 5% of the population over 65); most people prefer to remain […]

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        What if I do need skilled nursing care?

          If you ever need skilled nursing care, Glenmeadow has written agreements with several area skilled nursing centers for priority admission. In this way you are guaranteed skilled nursing care at a facility of your choice without the financial burden of supporting an on-site nursing home when you don’t need one.

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