How We Help

Glenmeadow is a leader in meeting the broad-scope needs of older adults in Greater Springfield. We find solutions to their problems. We say “Yes” in answer to their questions.

We hope these How We Help examples will give you a better view of the quality care and peace of mind we provide.

We Offer Programs That Create Friendships, Combat Isolation

Merle Ryan, resident

Glenmeadow residents laughing together

Even in an institutional setting, people can still feel isolated, and isolation can lead to depression, cognitive decline, and major health problems.

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We Offer Comfort And Skill To Those Living With Dementia

Laura Lavoie, our director of Life Enrichment and a certified Positive Approach to Care™ trainer

Glenmeadow Director of Life Enrichment Laura Lavoie

We have committed to enhancing the care we provide to meet the needs of all Glenmeadow residents and Glenmeadow at Home clients, and we also have a mission to educate community members about dementia.

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We Ease The Pain That Comes With Aging

Joan Katz, Resident

Joan Katz takes part in an Arthritis Class at Glenmeadow.

Joan Katz was diagnosed with arthritis six years ago—about 18 months before she came to live on our Glenmeadow campus.

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We Build Trusting Relationships With Residents

Jason Arnold, Lead Housekeeper

Glenmeadow lead housekeeper Jason Arnold and a Glenmeadow resident

Jason’s upbeat personality, winning smile, and willingness to help make him popular with everyone at Glenmeadow.

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