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We support people living with dementia

Laura Lavoie, Director of Life Enrichment

Glenmeadow Director of Life Enrichment Laura Lavoie

We have enhanced our support for people living with dementia and their families.

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We offer wellness, strength, and stability

Deb Padden, Certified Personal Trainer

Glenmeadow personal trainer Deb Padden works with a senior in a Glenmeadow exercise class.

In hopes of helping seniors improve their balance—and their personal safety—Deb designed a new program called “Balance Works” several years ago.

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We Make People from Afar Feel at Home

Ruth Schwarz, Resident, Independent Living

Glenmeadow resident Ruth Schwartz

“We were welcomed right in, immediately. It was a good feeling.”

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We Provide an Assist, and We Entertain

Cissie Kitchener, Resident, Independent Living

Glenmeadow resident Cissie Kitchener

We offered Gabe help with his wellness, and both Cissie and Gabe took advantage of our activities.

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