How We Help

Glenmeadow is a leader in meeting the broad-scope needs of older adults in Greater Springfield. We find solutions to their problems. We say “Yes” in answer to their questions.

We hope these How We Help examples will give you a better view of the quality care and peace of mind we provide.

We Make People from Afar Feel at Home

Ruth Schwarz, Resident, Independent Living

Glenmeadow resident Ruth Schwartz

“We were welcomed right in, immediately. It was a good feeling.”

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We Support Enduring Friendships

Ann Togneri, Resident, Independent Living; and Beth Young, Lifestyle Pass member

Glenmeadow resident Ann Togneri & Lifestyle Pass member Beth Young

After her husband and daughter passed away, Ann moved to Glenmeadow, where she became active in a yoga class and met Beth, who could attend as a Lifestyle Pass member.

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We Provide an Assist, and We Entertain

Cissie Kitchener, Resident, Independent Living

Glenmeadow resident Cissie Kitchener

We offered Gabe help with his wellness, and both Cissie and Gabe took advantage of our activities.

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We Create Family

Tanya Snell, Resident, Independent Living

Glenmeadow resident Tanya Snell

Our broad scope of activities and our friendly, intelligent residents engaged Tanya and Peter and made them feel welcome, even as newcomers.

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