Care management can be anything and everything you need to support yourself or a person you care about, including assessment, advocacy, problem-solving, planning, and coaching.

Benefits include:

  • Provide advocacy as needed for medical and/or psychosocial concerns.
  • Assist in managing your calendar of appointments, events and transportation needs.
  • Educate you, your loved ones and other members of your support network on your medical or psychosocial concerns.
  • Provide continual assessment and oversight of your changing needs.
  • Act as a liaison by communicating with multiple parties, including families, hospitals, and rehab facilities as needed to support the discharge planning process to ensure a safe return home.
  • Ensures continuity of care among caregivers providing services on a daily basis.
  • Assist with processing long term care insurance claims.
  • Assist with making referrals for both internal and external services.
  • Assist with other social service related inquiries as needed.